Political Counsel

Providing political insight and strategy to support clients, initiatives and candidates

From congressional and statewide elections to local municipal races, the team at Stones River Group has significant experience managing and leading political campaigns. Not only have our strategists served as senior advisors to state and federal policymakers, we’ve also spearheaded some of the most successful gubernatorial and senatorial races in recent Tennessee history.


Our Services

  • Integrated strategies for issue advocacy and political engagement

  • Political Action Committee (PAC) development and management

  • Political campaign planning and counsel

  • Client political giving guidance and support

  • Campaign development, launch, and management for candidates, referendums, and ballot initiatives

  • Poll development and execution

  • Political vendor assessment and insight

  • Event development and management, including rallies and forums

  • Message and collateral development

"I’ve worked with members of the SRG team for years.  They’ve led local, state, and national campaigns and they know how to win."

– Whit Ayres, Founder, North Star Opinion Research