Business & Economic Development

Connecting clients with opportunities and influencers

Drawing upon our many years of senior-level experience in business, government service, politics and public affairs, Stones River Group helps shape perceptions and connect clients with opportunities and influencers in Tennessee and beyond. Our keen awareness of the business environment combined with strong relationships with key stakeholders allows us to quickly and effectively position our clients for success.


Our Services

  • Networking and influencer introductions

  • Business development and market positioning

  • RFI, RFQ and RFP evaluation

  • Strategic counsel and project management

  • State and local market analysis

  • Economic development counsel – relocations and expansions

  • Business and partnership negotiations

  • Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy

"SRG's guidance and strong relationships helped us connect with the right Tennessee officials and secure an outstanding business opportunity for SAIC."

– Thomas Eldridge, SVP of STrategic DEVELOPMENT, SAIC