Political Consulting & Insight

Keeping clients informed on the latest political insights and action

From congressional and statewide elections to local municipal races, the team at Stones River Group has significant experience managing and leading political campaigns. Not only have our strategists served as senior advisors to state and federal policymakers, we’ve also spearheaded some of the most successful gubernatorial and senatorial races in recent Tennessee history. 

Stones River Group maintains close relationships with top officials in local, state and federal government, ensuring we stay informed on the latest political intel, policy news and action. We leverage these connections to provide clients valuable insight on fundraising and Political Action Committee development, policy platforms and advocacy work, strategies to secure ballot initiatives and referendums, research on current and prospective candidates, and overarching legislative engagement tactics. Additionally, we offer up-to-the-minute, in-depth analysis of key political campaigns and elections, helping clients keep up with the pulse of politics in Tennessee and beyond. 

At Stones River Group, we help clients connect with influencers and stay engaged in the latest political action.

Our Services

  • Intelligence gathering and positioning
  • Media training and reputation monitoring
  • Research and analysis
  • Message development and advocacy work
  • Ballot initiatives and referendums

  • Political Action Committee (PAC) development and management

  • Integrated strategies for civic and political engagement